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قصة جميلة جدا في الغة النجليزية

قصة جميلة جدا في الغة النجليزية

First position " The story with magic and forgiveness observed a It is important for the observed a forgiveness 24 Hours at home, in the car, on the bed, and if I woke up I just keep seeking forgiveness and after 3 months disease situation is changing a little bit, and after that I lost my job blessed God better job of them, but the choice between 3 functions you choose best, then Faraj Allah Ali and annulled Magic then Faragalla I began to pay my debts, and this thanks to him and his generosity and him and pardon Second position I was in the mosque sitting forgiveness and what was at one in the mosque and I was reading the Koran in the first row and a large mosque but Old and all the Koran to an ancient mosque in her more than 20 years. At the moment I wished to be with me the amount of money and bought new copies of the Koran to the mosque and change my every Korans. Forgot important subject and a week later came a new front and active of the mosque and the determination to change the ship brushes. I thought the topic I sent two letters Paljoal two friends affluent wrote in the letter ((there is a mosque needs to copies of the Koran may cost the amount of 15,000 riyals. Of the race to goodness)) minute after contact someone, a prince from the royal family said Ashe Thread I told him subject said: preach passed tomorrow office and Merritt him and received the amount and sent to a friend in Medina and a week later sent me quantity 500 Mushaf of Press King Fahd in the evening and after the evening prayer closed the door of the mosque and sat me and my children arrange the Koran new, Then I remembered that security and achieved by God The other friend got him a mobile phone message was outside the Kingdom, he sent a message said: preach a week later claimed to become the best. During this week said Imam audio device and Almkrvonat old and tired, and we need to change it and it costs 20,000 thousand of course I donate what Atkelmt. After a week arrived my friend and he gave me ten thousand riyals for the copies of the Koran I told him: scooped by Okasha has paid so and so is known and Zaal my friend, I told him not ĘŇÚá need to organs audios costing twenty thousand said this ten seconds, so I went and changed your music, speakers and all Mcrvonat mosque Third position : The most bizarre Crown return, God willing, A year and a half ago replaced my financial crisis and protested to the amount of 20,000 thousand riyals and did not know what to do real Brotherhood Azzoty and Cindy are loyal friends are, but I تحاشيت this matter Vakthert of forgiveness every day Astejer God: Do ask ÇÎćÇäě or my friends? But I did not do it, but I intensified patient and after 5 days and if my previous headquarters from which it Thadth call me two years ago said There was an error in the liquidation of your rights. I heard about a day I said is incomplete? You say we spent eased further. I said good: They said you we have remained 3 salaries SR 52000 Come check received After two years!!!!!!!! There is no god except You Glorified I oppressors The importance of forgiveness in the right of women Forgiveness in the right of women is very important, because the Prophet, peace be upon him what came to women, said \ O women .. Believe, Okthern it forgiveness, I Roatkn the more the people of the Fire, said a woman whom جزلة: What us, O Messenger of Allah over the people of Hell! Said: تكثرن, cussing, and intimate partner تكفرن .. Narrated by Muslim I had a friend at work and parted for more than 10 years and I've missed Roeth but God even forgot his name and you i want LaSalle colleagues with him but his name forgotten and wished meet him, of course this after my commitment to forgiveness ČÓ what you know or expect that forgiveness in this matter is strange, and two months later I met this fellow in U.S. Bank Waited for the most bizarre story and God Position and I swear to God, as happened in detail When I moved to my new job two years ago in the company I had a car James for family and kids and I have a small car Honda Model 98 was a bit old and I was hoping to have a small car and a new I can I go to work every day and go where to Mecca every Monday and Thursday My wife and I important was the presence of my office car showroom system was my company allows those who are in the same مرتبتي bought a car at the expense of the company and deducted premiums from my monthly salary فتقدمت request buy that car and I see in the show every day and has all the measures, but the direct manager refused to sign papers arguing I did not complete in the company 3 months and this is the system I said: is the whole believer is better and certainly it good to me. After 3 months made the request and the company agreed only that the car that I want was sold and was the last car of that model and they needed to wait 5 months for the new model I said: is the whole believer is better and forgot Multi car Days later told me colleagues that one of the security guards in the company and put the material is not pleased by an enemy nor a friend and that under the zero line and has a family of four children and wife and they asked me to try to help him so I decided to visit this person briefed on the conditions of close so I went to him at his home in a poor neighborhood and found The man has no anything of the necessities of life Has no refrigerator nor Bongaz no washer or wardrobe or cupboard kitchen and there is nothing he has entered the room and found them on the floor and how much spoon how much dish for everyday use the second chamber in which a piece of floor mats plastic and the four pieces foam mattresses and how much pillow and how much blanket just does not. I asked him how to eat and how to drink like what you said net bought eating every day بيومه to that I do not have a fridge and therefore my salary is enough an amount 1,700 riyals only is home means to rent from my salary remains 1,000 riyals per month. Affected and real tears in my eyes, but this person was the Notes and is not straight and his relationship with his Lord malfunction I said to him: Hear God says that God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. Is from yourself and helped me to yourself to pray in the mosque and pray for forgiveness until God save you than you are in it. And became a studious men to pray in the mosque and this week was my thinking in this guard and how I appreciate help him, he needs to immediate placed him مزري assistance. At the end of the week Contact Ali Siddiqui after Morocco said Come نروح Ntasha in a restaurant I said ok and had my car in the workshop and the car Aljms with family Frckpt limousine and headed to this fellow and you along the way I think that I speak to this friend, a solvent for the security guard, perhaps he can offer something to help, especially that this friend will be traveling outside the Kingdom in the 3-month summer vacation the next day. This friend is the same friend who has pledged $ الميكرفونات of the mosque in the story of the first situation I found him waiting for me at the door of slip and asked me about my car I told him it is in the workshop فدخلنا I is to his yard and there was in the yard five cars are all species of luxury he said to me: Ashe think Bai car we learn tonight chose a car we learn where I said: we learn BAINS ((for Audi)) This was the car of the cars that you love her and wish to have a car like Vtalaana in the car and we went out and I was sitting I arrange my thoughts and i want talk to him about this guard, but I was surprised that my friend took the cell phone and spoke to on his desk and said to them: tomorrow morning انقلوا the ownership of my car Audi as: the flames Then I was surprised by this gift, which were not on the mind or Khater and remembered the car that you want Hraha not facilitated by God Vtjpt of and I said Almighty Allah and thanked the friend for this gift But God knows I did not rejoice with those big joy I was not thinking about the subject of the most important of the car, a security guard and difficult circumstances and انحرجت speak to my friend about this person is his car Mattiyny gift and became length of time Ahoges the you told him or not In the end, I said salvation Aalheib long Jatk car gift and sustenance of God sell the car Honda and Pflosha helped the security guard and this was the final decision is important Otahina I is in the restaurant and Hanna Returning House said Aalheib and Agafna at my office by not Tenslna at home and had his office adjacent to he may حقته and down the office and within minutes came and rode the car and gave me an envelope and said Aalheib: In this circumstance, the amount of 10 thousand riyals Look needy and distributed them I day I heard this speech is ratified ... salvation .. collapsed and Ahtat my hands on my face and I sat cry and shout and my friend says the best Aalheib snitch you called Gracious and I'm sitting I say ((Mo reasonable ... reasonable Mo ... reasonably Mo)) and friend Mo Arif above important to after Mahidit of the informer said Vic asked me and taught him Balsalfah to all, and I told him I felt too embarrassed you and estimated Otbak and decided sell my car الهوند the day he heard my words affected, he said: Wait moment and entered his office and went back behind the car and gave me an amount of SR 5000 to become the amount of 15000 rials said: I act according to what you see amount I got my friend and was at 10 and a half and you i want to fly from the joy of this amount and contacted the wife said I spoke to a friend about the security guard said yes and gave me an amount of SR 15000 and I am going to Alan security guard and forgot told her about the car gift And went to the security guard and took him from his home and at the nearest shop Electronics bought a washing machine, a refrigerator and Ptoghaz and Air 6000 Real almost and I told him you wait for carrying purposes and I i want valgus journey and meet you at your house and I started I nearest supermarket and spent his livelihood and food suffered kilometers month at $ 2000 and bought Kitchen cabinets amount of SR 1500, a TV and we met at 12 at his home and returned home at the am that night was one of the happiest days of my life will not forget her longevity Committed forgiveness ... committed for forgiveness .. Committed forgiveness And ask God steadiness The last position You're in the office was Wednesday afternoon and miss and I wished that I go to the city Genuine and honest seedbed campus and forgot the subject. After Morocco, contact the friend he himself said on Thursday not associated with the one I said the best he bought two tickets for the City and booked on a flight at 6 pm and return at 11:30 the same night I said: the task of the work said: Do not miss Genuine campus نروح pray Maghrib and Isha and go back I said has: incredible returned to Lord sent you because he day Mushtaq valgus city. On the second day we went city and our right to pray Maghrib in the campus and we were hungry, and افطرنا on campus and we agreed we sit in the campus even pray Dinner dimensions we learn نتعشى and return the airport and after Maghrib prayer we sat down to read the Quran and I was sitting on the left of my friend was a group of men to the right of my friend a distance of 15 meters sitting drink mint Shahi and وصلتنى Perfume الشاهى Fragrances and Skny my head and Atmanat bowl Shahi mint. It is important sat read, after two minutes, and if one of the group standing over my head and him his glass الشاهى said: Go ahead ياعم the I sat Anazer which surprised even surprised friend and took him Alcash and thanked him. Day claimed the men said my friend: You know men? I said: I know he said: for Les gave me like you smiled and I said to him: forgiveness many Can snitch, Leszek

مدن البرازيل تستجمع قواها لمواجهة احتجاجات جديدة

وتجري زيادة الأمن في أكبر مدن البرازيل بعد أن أعلن المحتجون انها ستمضي قدما مع مظاهرات حاشدة كانت مقررة يوم الخميس. وقال المحتجون في ساو باولو انهم سيلجأون الى الشوارع "للاحتفال" عكس زيادة أجرة النقل العام وأعلنت يوم الاربعاء. وقد نمت الاحتجاجات التي نتجت أصلا عن الزيادة، منذ ذلك الحين إلى حركة أوسع من ذلك بكثير. المتظاهرون غاضبون من الفساد والإنفاق على كأس العالم العام المقبل. مسورة وقد أقامت السلطات في مدينة ريو دي جانيرو المتاريس حول مبنى المجلس التشريعي للولاية، والتي تم تخريب خلال الاحتجاجات يوم الاثنين. وقد تم تأمين مكتب حاكم الولاية، وقصر جوانابارا، أيضا من طبقة مزدوجة من المتاريس. وقد مسيجة العمال أيضا قبالة الممرات مرتفعة أمام مكتب رئيس البلدية وعلى محطات مترو الأنفاق المركزية. وقال المحتجون ان مراسل بي بي سي جوليا كارنيرو في ريو أنها لن مسيرة الى استاد ماراكانا في المدينة، التي ستستضيف كأس القارات المباراة بين اسبانيا وتاهيتي في ذلك الوقت. وقد وجهت مباريات سابقة الاحتجاجات، مع المتظاهرين معربا عن غضبهم في أسعار التذاكر حاد والأموال التي تنفق على كأس القارات وكأس العالم 2014 ودورة الالعاب الاولمبية في ريو عام 2016. في مدينة فورتاليزا، التي كانت تستضيف البرازيل V المكسيك لكرة القدم يوم الأربعاء، حمل المتظاهرون لافتات كتب عليها: "المعلم هو يستحق أكثر من نيمار"، في اشارة الى نجم لاعب كرة القدم في البرازيل. "فوائد كبيرة" يوم الخميس، قالت اللجنة الاولمبية الدولية انها واثقة اولمبياد 2016 سيحقق فوائد كبيرة لريو دي جانيرو والبلد. في تصريح لوكالة أسوشييتد برس للأنباء، قالت اللجنة الاولمبية الدولية دورة الالعاب الاولمبية من شأنه أن "يحقق فوائد كبيرة لجميع سكان ريو، وتحسين المدينة في مجال النقل والبنية التحتية والسكن الاجتماعي، وكذلك جلب إرث رياضي كبير للبرازيل ". "نحن دائما نؤيد تماما الاحتجاجات السلمية ونظل على ثقة في قدرة من الألعاب كمحفز قوي لتحسين العالم من خلال الرياضة" وتابع البيان. في ساو باولو، وأعضاء من حركة الوصول الحر (Movimento موديل قديم ليفير) - قال سيسيرون خلال المدينة يوم الخميس للاحتفال قرار رئيس البلدية لعكس من يونيو حزيران بزيادة الأجرة 2 - والتي تم بحملة للنقل العام أفضل. وقال رئيس بلدية فرناندو حداد كان الانقلاب يمثل "التضحية الكبرى"، وهو ما يعني أن الاستثمارات الأخرى يجب أن تكون قطع. "بالاشمئزاز" ساو باولو وريو هي أحدث مدينتين لعكس الزيادات أجرة بعد تحركات مماثلة من جانب السلطات في كويابا، ريسيفي و جواو بيسوا. التراجع أجرة في حين رحب بها العديد فشلت حتى الان في قمع الاحتجاجات، مع الحشود أغلقوا الطرق الرئيسية في ساو باولو وبرازيليا، والمتظاهرين مواجهة الشرطة في ولاية ريو دي جانيرو بعد فترة وجيزة من U-بدوره أعلن. "وهذا يعني أن سياسيينا قد بدأت في سماع أصواتنا وهذا أمر لم يحدث أبدا من قبل -. في سنوات غير قابلة للانتخابات، على الاقل" وقال دانيال أكوستا من ساو باولو لهيئة الاذاعة البريطانية. واضاف "انها بداية. ماذا يحدث الآن، لا أحد يعرف حتى الآن، ولكنه يعطينا الأمل" واضاف. لكن الطالب البالغ من العمر 18 سنة كاميلا سينا ​​قال ان الاحتجاجات أصبحت أوسع بكثير، وسوف الامتياز على أسعار أجرة لم يتغير كثيرا. "انها ليست حقا عن سعر [النقل] أي أكثر من ذلك،" وقالت بينما كان يشارك في احتجاج في مدينة نيتيروي، بالقرب من ريو دي جانيرو يوم الاربعاء. "يتم بالاشمئزاز الناس حتى مع النظام، حتى سئمت أن نحن الآن يطالبون بالتغيير." الاضطرابات الحالية هي الاكبر منذ عام 1992، عندما خرج الناس الى الشوارع للمطالبة بعزل ثم الرئيس فرناندو كولور دي ميللو. وقال الرئيس ديلما روسيف أنها فخورة أن الكثير من الناس يقاتلون من أجل بلد أفضل.

لويس سوارز الى مدريد

مهاجم نادي ليفربول الانجليزي لويس سواريز يتغزل بالنادي الملكي ريال مدريد

 سواريز الان يخوض غمار مباريات كاس القارات مع منتخب بلاده الاوروغواي التي تستعد لخوض اولا مبارياتها امام منتخب اللاروخا الاسباني . سواريز يتمنى الانتقال الى ريال مدريد بعد ان ابدى عدم سعادته في ليفربول . 
وقال سواريز بانه مستعد ان يمنح روحه من اجل ريال مدريد في كل مباراة مثلما فعلها سابقا مع الاوروغواي واياكس وليفربول . 
كما اعلن عن حزنه وخيبه امله لعدم مقدرة ليفربول على المشاركة في دوري الابطال الاوروبي الموسم المقبل ويبدو انه يريد اللعب في نادي سيشارك في دوري الابطال . 
وقال ايضا " يطمح اللاعب ان يكون دائما في اعلى مستوى له ومدريد هي الطموح الاكبر لاي لاعب"